Rylan: Settling into Family Life…?

Emilie felt redundant, Eliza took up responsibility for teaching her brother new things. She came home excited to tell him all she learned, giving guidance when building block towers and reading to him to help with his language skills. Patrick watched her leave for school, arm stretched high, waving frantically, and when she was dueContinue reading “Rylan: Settling into Family Life…?”

Rylan: Don’t Mess with the Yummy Mummy

Patrick watched, listened, he gurgled when his mum rushed to his side, she looked hassled, torn, wanting to nurse him, but needed too by her demanding daughter. Being a quiet baby, Emilie worried she was missing key caring and nurturing opportunities, that he would feel neglected if she spent her time with his sister. ParentingContinue reading “Rylan: Don’t Mess with the Yummy Mummy”

Rylan and Ziva: The New Baby

Ziva’s jogging came under pressure, the cat colony preservation, babysitting Eliza, and work commitments, she felt exhausted. Eliza enjoyed feeding the cats and was often distracted by dogs chasing about, keen to take them home. While the strays seemed friendly, Ziva worried how they may react to the overzealous toddler. A reduction in takeaway andContinue reading “Rylan and Ziva: The New Baby”

Rylan: Emilie – Being Mum

Her role as mum has its moments, when she questions her choices, ability, punishes herself for being the worse and forgets to remember when doing her best that no-one will ever love her daughter the way she can. Eliza showed from the start her will is strong, her defiance when told “no”, Emilie cringed, theContinue reading “Rylan: Emilie – Being Mum”

Rylan: Bubbles

Emilie failed to recall her last night of partying, with pregnancy and being unable to slip comfortably into her favourite dress it felt like a long time. She leaned back across the bed, wriggling, holding her stomach, begging the zip to close. Slender frame adjusted following the introduction of her daughter who Eliza waved herContinue reading “Rylan: Bubbles”

Rylan: Friendship? Vlogging and Tiny Mischief

Mischief had a price, Emilie forwarded her chain letters, the thought that went into their creation would have impressed Rylan. He was busy, zero time for silly e-mails, however, their friend Alex, was very unimpressed. She called ranting and raving, Emilie held the phone at arm’s length, bringing it closer to try calming the conversation.Continue reading “Rylan: Friendship? Vlogging and Tiny Mischief”

Rylan: A Love to last the ages

A few weeks after giving birth, Emilie was itching to get some alone time as Eliza clung on, her mother’s blonde hair wrapped in needy fingers, and a hungry mouth, Emilie sat exhausted. She loved the smile, the wide-eyed curiosity, Eliza knew what she wanted and how to get the attention. Emilie could watch herContinue reading “Rylan: A Love to last the ages”

Rylan: Grilled Cheese, Baby!

Cravings, Emilie desired grilled cheese; two slices, butter smothered crusty white bread, warmed until the butter melts, add cheese, Red Leicester or Strong Cheddar, neat slices that bubble under the grill. It is what her baby wants, the purest pleasure, Emilie seizes the rare moment, adding a slice of ham under the cheese, a dashContinue reading “Rylan: Grilled Cheese, Baby!”

Rylan: FIRED!

Rylan overheard a conversation, two of the senior executives discussed expenses. They were laughing, the pair suggesting a significant fortune of falsified receipts were keeping them in high-end shoes and suits. He called Ziva to help him check over the budget for his department. He discovered the dishonesty was limitless even his manager was inContinue reading “Rylan: FIRED!”

Rylan: The Immediate Next Step

The few weeks post-wedding blurred together, Rylan focused on improving his career potential and impressing publishers with a new wave of cybercrime novels. Emilie wanted to distract herself from the upset stomach she had, but friends and new sister-in-law were busy with work. The house was complete, and aside from trolling forums, Emilie felt unsureContinue reading “Rylan: The Immediate Next Step”