Rylan: The Immediate Next Step

The few weeks post-wedding blurred together, Rylan focused on improving his career potential and impressing publishers with a new wave of cybercrime novels. Emilie wanted to distract herself from the upset stomach she had, but friends and new sister-in-law were busy with work. The house was complete, and aside from trolling forums, Emilie felt unsure what to do with all her free time. She spent her single life in a shared house, friends who were there, good conversation or take impromptu trips to the city, indulging in window shopping and delicious food, living with Rylan, she was lonely and bored by herself. Suppressing the urge to vomit, Emilie ran to the bathroom for the third time that morning.

Emile threw herself at Rylan he dropped his work bag as she thrust the positive test in his hand, they were expectant parents. They had discussed having children, neither thought it would be happening immediately after they married, but Rylan gave her a gentle squeeze, excited to add to their family.

Preparing for a baby seemed unnatural to Emilie, she thought she would be a mother one day, that when it happened maternal instincts would take over. Instead, they evaded her, Emilie found herself trolling forums and stressing over the parenting conversations which made her feel inadequate. It weighed heavy, the life she had enjoyed and the possibility that would make her a terrible mother. She questioned herself, Emilie had idealised her family life, children she could play pranks on, and with, the reality was this fantasy unnerved her.

Taking to the city, Emilie needed to keep life in perspective the baby was a huge change, one she hoped would bring them closer together, perhaps persuade Rylan to take fewer hours at work. On the other hand, they had a comfortable life his wage alone covered the essentials and paid for a few luxuries Emilie enjoyed. However, she had found herself bored at times, the programming she had learnt from Ziva gave her a taste for what she was capable of she had a talent for coding. Ziva suggested applying to SimsNet they had a branch in Newcrest, an easy commute, she had spoken with the manager, giving Emilie a glowing recommendation. Spending the whole day in an office to Emilie’s fear, she needed a flexible job, how could she be a good employee and mother, when she was absent from both.

She took a seat near the food stalls, so much to process, the tiny bundle growing inside her had given her pause. Life would be different, she needed to improve and grow, there will be fun, silly games to play, but from this moment on the baby came first. Throwing her empty food tray, Emilie observed the protest, the current Mayor stole money, altered the City Trust accounts, the courts dismissed it. Poverty was growing, many of the apartments were in urgent need of repair, infested with rats and cockroaches. Emilie joined the vocal townies, holding a board, proud she could help. Targeting the political elite gave her an idea, Emilie decided she would stand up for it, at least today, but Thursday she could look at plundering his private reserve for their cause.

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