Rylan and Ziva: The New Baby

Ziva’s jogging came under pressure, the cat colony preservation, babysitting Eliza, and work commitments, she felt exhausted. Eliza enjoyed feeding the cats and was often distracted by dogs chasing about, keen to take them home. While the strays seemed friendly, Ziva worried how they may react to the overzealous toddler. A reduction in takeaway and party nights had a positive effect on her bank balance, along with her waistline, all she needed was a good night’s sleep.

The prospect of sleep would have to wait, Rylan had a strict deadline and swamped with work he stayed late in the office to enjoy the peace he struggled to get at home. Rylan continued to write his secret novel despite the career change, eager to remain in the spotlight. He craved the attention fame brought him, numerous parcels were delivered, fans sent food, which had spoiled by the time it arrived, fiction for his feedback and decorative items. He thanked his fans via videos or posts, editing pictures of spoilt cupcakes so they believed he ate them.

This commitment to his work translated as a lack of time for his family, Ziva stepped in to support Emilie. She raced over from Brindleton Bay when Emilie’s waters broke, Rylan received a lecture as his wife put Eliza’s coat on, pausing for contractions. Arriving at the hospital, Emilie went through to the delivery suite, Ziva, carrying Eliza followed. Two hours of pushing and cursing Rylan followed, Ziva listened outside distracting Eliza with pictures of Asher and Patches; stunned but not really surprised that her brother made Emilie go through this alone. The doctor smiled, Mother and baby were doing well, despite her anger, Emilie’s emotions gushed as she cradled this new life. Ziva escorted Eliza through to meet her new brother, Patrick.

Eliza screwed up her nose, the wrinkled grumpy doll in Emilie’s arms disappointed her. Tilting her head she asked could they swap him for a dog? Emilie ruffled her hair laughing, her daughter changing her mind when told that boys needed training and love. She sat excitedly, snuggled next to Emilie, reluctantly Ziva nestled Patrick against Eliza, her mother supporting. The scene would have been perfect if Rylan stopped focusing on himself and enjoyed the blessing that was his new son.

Ziva worried she would outstay her welcome, the tension with her brother and Emilie grew in the days which followed. Rylan, excited to have a son, remained consumed with providing everything, making the family wealthy, when Emilie wanted him to stop and enjoy what they had at the moment. Keeping Eliza distracted was difficult, she snuck off to see Patrick at every opportunity, unable to understand he was a baby. Emilie, pleased to have the extra help, knew Ziva wanted to get back to her life and cats, rather than play nanny and cook. Ziva had intended to leave after Patrick came home, it had been at Emilie’s request she stayed, Rylan grumbled, her presence was an inconvenience, an interruption to family life and his rhythm, primarily because Ziva used the bathroom, at his desired time. The hint taken, Ziva hugged Emilie, told her to call if needed and headed home where warm, furry welcomes were forthcoming.

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