Vicky: The Lighthouse

Part Two The weather turned chilly, the wind blew strong, and the snow begged to fall. Milly’s stomach growled, the generous breakfast fuelled her until she spied a muffin. Her green eyes sparkled at the accompanying marshmallow mountain hot chocolate. What was missing from the perfect day was the views, the sun setting across theContinue reading “Vicky: The Lighthouse”

Vicky: The LightHouse

Part One The income covered the bills, with nothing remaining for luxuries. Vicky took overtime, hoping to avoid using the saving she and Ziva put aside for Milly’s future. The price for her absence was leaving her daughter alone and with family at the weekend. Since Ziva’s death, the house was cold, empty, the twoContinue reading “Vicky: The LightHouse”

Charlotte: Unanswered Loneliness

The frustration built; Caleb had been busy leaving Charlotte going crazy talking to Sparky. He tilted his head, the tongue peaked, and the doe eyes were of no comfort as she believed Caleb was avoiding her questions. Caleb possessed the life she craved, love and passion with eternal youth and beauty; a thirst for bloodContinue reading “Charlotte: Unanswered Loneliness”

Patrick: Granite Falls

If staying home would solve this rift with Charlotte, he might have considered it. As he packed, she watched, scribbling her deepest thoughts, like how she would kill him the moment she became a vampire. They argued; Patrick called selfish for abandoning her in favour of open spaces where bears will eat him; Patrick teasedContinue reading “Patrick: Granite Falls”

Patrick: A New Low

His head whirled with the responsibility for his sister, she wanted to stay in Newcrest to finish school, and despite Eliza’s offer of assistance, he was Charlotte’s guardian. An undecided future, Patrick looked to girlfriend Gemma, for comfort, unconvinced of anything beyond the physical attraction. Straddling him, Gemma massaged his templed, moving her hand toContinue reading “Patrick: A New Low”

Patrick: Bearded Responsibility

Comment on how he looked like Rylan saw Patrick decide a beard would be a good look as he celebrated his eighteenth birthday. The additional insult came with the birthday party that failed to transpire. His friends preferred the new club in Windenberg, leaving his costume themed evening after paying their respects and shoving giftsContinue reading “Patrick: Bearded Responsibility”

Eliza: Love Day

Eliza set her sights on the dream; her role changed from oversized mascot to cheerleader, and a coveted team position, was in sight after a conversation with the manager. He observed her, the team spirit, energy and effort she was putting in to master the drills. Long term, Eliza needed to consider her future, unsureContinue reading “Eliza: Love Day”

Milly: What is Normal?

Normal had come with an abundance of chaos; in their former life, Ziva would take Fiona walking, Vicky prepared breakfast, and Milly brought the chaos. Their daughter chased the cats, splashed water in the bathroom or would have the sudden recollection her was homework was incomplete. Since Winterfest, Vicky struggled to find the motivation; MillyContinue reading “Milly: What is Normal?”

Charlotte: “The Talk”

Part One Charlotte knew, zero doubts in her mind that she had, at the tender age of sixteen, met the man, her eternal partner. Heartbeat rapid, cheeks glowed, a text from him made her float, the joy she spread infected the house. Emilie mused; Charlotte proclaimed to love a man she had met twice. HeContinue reading “Charlotte: “The Talk””

Patrick: Kiss Me Quick

Distracted, Patrick’s room remained unpacked as he courted Gemma. He had watched her, nerves getting the better of him each time he tried to ask her on a date. Homework failed to inspire the romantic vibes intended but determined to make it work in his favour. Emilie pulled a pan from the box, feeling theirContinue reading “Patrick: Kiss Me Quick”