Ziva: Something New on the Horizon

Fiona had been missing for four days, she had been exploring the beach, trapped by the tide, she took refuge in an abandoned fishing boat. Another dog walker rescued Fiona, hearing her barking, tempting her to him with dog treats. The man, Arthur, uninterested in the reward, suggested she put it towards the Animal Sanctuary.Continue reading “Ziva: Something New on the Horizon”

Eliza: Play it Loud

Big blue tearful eyes, pouting pink lips and unlike her siblings a mop of soft blonde hair, Charlotte wrapped her parents in her tiny hands. Every whim Charlotte demanded met, or the consequences for her parents were a headache, tantrums at all hours. When peaceful, Charlotte seemed inquisitive, exploring her surroundings, when she thinks noContinue reading “Eliza: Play it Loud”

Ziva: Missing

Taking a break from assisting with Rylan and Emilie’s growing brood, Ziva accepts an invitation from Damiren, a man she met at an Alien night. He and his wife, Jennix chose Willow Creek, a vacation taking advantage of the lush green parks and bright sunshine missing from their home plant of Sixam. Damiren had developedContinue reading “Ziva: Missing”