Ziva: Something New on the Horizon

Fiona had been missing for four days, she had been exploring the beach, trapped by the tide, she took refuge in an abandoned fishing boat. Another dog walker rescued Fiona, hearing her barking, tempting her to him with dog treats. The man, Arthur, uninterested in the reward, suggested she put it towards the Animal Sanctuary. Despite Fiona’s dirty appearance, Ziva hugged, allowing her pup, wagging her tail, to lick her face. A warm bath and a hearty bowl of food made Fiona feel welcomed back, additional hugs and kisses followed a sofa nap, the perfect end to a harrowing few days.

If Fiona hoped her ordeal would get her a rest bite from her training, she would discover her mistake in the midday sun. Armed with treats, Ziva wanted to work on new commands including sit and heel, since speak she had been happy to learn, a harmoniser for Patches sweet singing. Dachshunds, Ziva believed, were intelligent, watching Fiona manically chase her tail, she wondered if hers was defective. Ziva remained determined, firm, consistent, with her training but she mused as Fiona wiggled her bum, dropped low on her front paws, copying Patches, the pair pounced and played. The training session for today at least was a complete loss.

Ziva and Fiona

Playing the role of Aunt seemed to have increased her funds, the reduction in parties due to family brought furnishings into her home. Two sofas had help fill her spacious lounge, she saved money cancelling her gym membership, buying a treadmill and punching bag was a productive use of her excess fund. Her morning routine had a shakeup, an hour on the treadmill beat the cold morning runs, and Fiona agreed, flopping, belly up pedalling the air, happy to have a lazy morning every day.

Ziva needed another hobby, she researched treats for pets, discovering an opportunity to create them via a medicine crafting table, she brought a discount version from the vets as they upgraded. Her first efforts, noses turned up, Fiona excited, chewed the treat, spat it out, and stared at Ziva, her patience for a tasty treat, accompanied by a wagging tail. She signed, Fiona appreciated her efforts, while the cats glared, as she tucked into dinner, waiting for tidbits, licking lips and loud purrs.

Ziva and Arian

Another issue, all-night raves, Ziva found she could no longer keep abreast, treads changed fast, with new DJ trying to make a name for themselves. The music made her uninspired, swaying half-hearted to the beat. When Arian called she was ready to decline his invitation, quiet nights in were her new normal, but he enticed her with dinner. He sat sheepish, avoiding eye contact, Arian knew she would force him to tell her the real reason for this meeting and he was hoping to enjoy the meal first. Pushing his dessert aside he leant forward, watching Ziva polish every last morsel, he grinned, wondering why she was single. Choice, Ziva chose her life and loved it, Arian hand a piece of paper, hoping her life had room for additional happiness, as he wanted to help her find it. Vicky Cavanagh was leaving her job at the museum in Del Sol Valley, her siblings lived close by in Brindleton Bay. She and her girlfriend had split a few years ago, the ex moved but wanted her share of the property. Simon, her brother mentioned he wanted to arrange for her to meet someone new, Arian thought of Ziva.

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