Emilie: Empty Leads

Sparky tugged the lead, he sniffed the air, plants trees, Emilie wondered if they were clues or for the pleasure of being a dog, either way, he looked to have fun with their outings. Emilie glanced, the neighbourhood occupied itself, mundane and forgetful of the missing. She hoped, to see raven-hair bouncing towards her, or if she turned her head towards home, she would catch her running back to the welcoming arms of her siblings. The police had nothing to report, her bank account had gradually emptied, wherever Eliza was going, she had planned this months ago. It confirmed what Emilie feared, Eliza wanted her independence to escape her father and his dreams for her future. Eliza’s reasons to escape were clear, to where remained hazy, Emilie wanted to protect her family, to tell Eliza to stop being foolish and come home, but everyday her heart had a missing piece. Dogs had complete disregard for these complex emotions, he did his business as Emilie fought tears, standing in the emptiness created by her missing baby.

Emilie and Sparky

Rylan’s head pounded with the questions, his son anger at those unanswered. Eliza had vanished; Patrick wanted a note, something that explained why, perhaps a forwarding addressing or was that it, she no longer loved him. He wrestled thoughts, was it his fault; he did put frogs in her bath and the violin she gave him, he had failed to retune it. The next target for blame was Rylan, with sentences he started with “if only…” continuing the negative vibe; Rylan’s positive contribution ran to the missing person forum. Checking twice a day, praying one person could write, “I saw her on the train to Windenberg from Newcrest”, perhaps they caught a glimpse of her reading in the park; Rylan had to believe there would be answers to his daughter’s whereabouts.

Rylan and Patrick

How could life move on? The remaining children had school, albeit a temporary distraction; it was better than the nothingness Emilie faced. She stopped her freelance work, unable to give the focus the opportunity demanded. Emilie wished her daughter could see how important she was, how other people, those outside the family, reacted to her absence; would she still have disappeared from her life? Her school showed their support, and the volunteers Eliza worked with made posters, paid for newspaper information requests and made phone calls. It came clear they would find Eliza when she was ready; Emilie followed up on empty leads to Oasis Springs, the opposite direction to the one they believed she would travel.

Another wasted journey, this time to San Myshuno, a train guard saw a young woman matching the description purchasing another ticket, unable to see where to, or if the purchase was for the underground Emilie and the few police who remained on this case spoke to passengers. They shrugged; the overcrowded stations, filled with people commuting, Eliza, to them was another faceless person they walked by on their journey.

If you are affected by this story https://www.missingpeople.org.uk/about-the-charity supports people left behind by their loved one and a way for the missing to reach out or get advice.

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