Rylan: Down But Not Out

The whole house to himself should have made for an interesting time, except the initial excitement wore off. Rylan laid in, walked around naked, wet towels deposited on the bathroom floor, and ate when he felt like it. Sai and the rest of the Mischief Makers came over regularly for movies, gaming and food several nights a week which impacted on his finances as he failed to complete many of his freelance jobs. This had been his childhood home, but with both his parents gone and Ziva living her life on the coast, all he could see were hollow memories. Here, Rylan felt the sadness of losing his father turned outwards, anger at his mother for being at work when he died, and for the times he needed her.

Rylan pushed himself, determined to boost his reputation, producing novels of excellent quality. His phone had been ringing nonstop throughout the morning with Sai begging him to go clubbing, so when he answered the phone for the eighteenth time, he yelled, annoyed that Sai had continued to bug him. Taken aback, the caller repeated his introduction, Rylan suddenly realized this was for real, one of his clients had recommended him to the San Myshuno Editorial and, if he was available he could start Monday as a regular contributor to their magazine. A brief pause, preceded the deafening cheers, SM Edits was the most prestigious media outlet, to work for them was beyond what he had set his sights on. The position was a few steps up from the entry-level jobs he considered when he finished school, it seemed knowing his worth from the start, combined with patience had finally paid off. This new job meant he got to spend time gaming, testing the latest offering in virtual technology, feeding all that excitement into words was a dream job.

Regular paychecks came with perks, freedom, to write novels, he had so many notes, rejected content from ghostwriting and fresh ideas at the forefront of his mind. Imagine a world, his hero’s perspective, caught up in Cyber-espionage embracing delicious possibilities from both sides of the law and the added royalties could help him secure a new place. A four-bed house with a huge garden and a pool, perfect for raising a family of his own. He knew an elderly couple were looking to downsize, and with the sale of his current home, he might have enough money when the time came.

Since the future looked positive, perhaps it was time to consider what other possibilities were in store. Life with Emilie excited him, she understood him, they both harboured a mischievous side, pulling pranks on friends and on rare occasions, restaurant staff. The Chez Llama had been his parent’s favourite place, and he honoured that by treating Emilie to its delicious menu. She looked elegant in her white silk dress, her beauty radiated in the candlelight, what had he done in this life to deserve someone so lovely , it was unbelievable luck to find her. They might be here to celebrate his success and enrollment into the workforce, but all he could think, she could be his Mrs Emilie Rodriguez.

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