Charlotte: Blood Rite

Part Two

Her eyes pleaded; Caleb backed away; he could feel the weight of Vlad, his voice warning him what would happen. Curtains twitched; Charlotte swore she would find a way to live immortal. Either Caleb turned her, or she would knock on every door and welcome death if that’s what they offered. A life without him was not how Charlotte planned to exist. He dragged her to his home. Charlotte wailed, loathing her children, the body that bore those human creatures. Worse, hatred for herself, those bitter feelings she assured would pass. Every day she forced herself to look at her children, to feel the love a mother should have. Charlotte felt nothing.

Caleb and Charlotte

He let go; Caleb’s mind clouded in a red mist; Charlotte exposed her neck, the invitation to make her his mate. His dark form seized control; teeth sank deep into the carotid artery. Blood rushed into Caleb’s mouth, bubbled around the seal of his lips on her neck. Charlotte held on; her nails dug into his jacket against the pain. Caleb squeezed her body tighter, biting harder, and a weak yelp escaped her lips.

Charlotte tasted bile, her stomach twisted, tightening. Her heartbeat quickened, pumping more blood through her ruptured throat. Her shallow breaths rasped in Caleb’s ear. Icy sensations flowed through her feet and up her legs. Fingers numbed, loosening her grip. Charlotte shivered, skin grew pale as Caleb feasted. Her eyes glazed, the world appeared foreign, and words failed to hold meaning or sense.

Caleb and Charlotte

The body felt limp and cold, the intense blue eyes which captivated him, dimed. Caleb ripped his teeth from her neck, shaking her, his body hummed, warm, aroused. He licked the blood oozing from her neck. Her head dropped back; his eyes widened, gripping her tighter. Caleb carried her inside away from prying neighbours. A sharp nail sliced his wrist, allowing the blood to drip into her mouth. Charlotte struggled to swallow. He tilted her head back further to open her throat. The blood from her carotid artery had slowed; her heart stopped, beat, then stopped.

Caleb pushed down on her sternum, the blood sprayed from her mouth but he did not stop. Tears stung his eyes, as her ribs cracked with his weight. He added pressure to the wound and forced more blood into her throat. Caleb moved behind, lifting the dead weight to a seated position. He held her mouth shut by dropping her chin to chest. Stroking the oesophagus to mimic swallowing he hoped it was enough. When he could no longer hear the occasional heartbeat, the body cold and still, Caleb waited.

Caleb’s Bite pose can be found here

The carrying pose can be found here

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