Ziva: What Could Have Been…?

Arian moved back to Newcrest his life had been hectic, married to Lavina, starting a family, their new baby due in ten weeks and work, so it came as a pleasant surprise when he called Ziva. A rave on the bluffs, featuring two new DJs, International Ian and Triangular Top, the secrecy had turned into an internet hype, and despite the threat of police raiding the party, they refused to cancel. They stepped back from the noise, the music a series of boring repetitive beats, zero melody and limited variation.

Standing close, Ziva felt those old feelings stirring, Arian vanished from her life all those years ago, the distance, her changing desires, she found herself wondering what if? She kept the conversation cool, sipping her drink slowly, hoping to avoid certain topics, but that was difficult, Arian was curious why she remained unmarried. Rylan asked the same question, when would she be settling down, when would she bring cousins into the world for his children to play with? In truth, Ziva had remained uncommitted to the notion she preferred the idea of a female companion, a woman to share her life. He looked stunned for a moment, face softened, whoever this woman was, they would be lucky, and Ziva will meet her when they were both ready.

Old flames and friends seemed eager to share their lives with Ziva, Laura had disappeared from her life after Ziva rejected her romantic intentions. The former best friends stood awkwardly, Laura had sounded energetic, excited to reconnect, yet here they were standing together, Laura wondered if this was all weird. After leaving the Humour and Hijinks festival Laura had wandered the city streets, she rested in a cafe overlooking the water, that’s when Amira appeared in her life. Things had progressed, a few coffee dates, dinner, Laura found herself lost in romance, all that Amira offered her, they said “I do” in a Chapel in Willow Creek. Ziva heard giggling, two toddlers appeared, Giovanni and Roberto, upstairs they had an adopted the baby brother Galdino. She could tell, despite the nerves her former best friend was happy, this meeting was her way of saying “Thank you”.

Amira invited her inside, amused that Laura had shared everything on the doorstep. She had a pleasant manner, long grey hair, older than expected, Amira lived an active life, swimming in open water had been a lifelong passion. Ziva laughed, her fitness regime, binned, it amounted to long walks with Fiona, the pup’s legs were short and across the sand unsuited to jogging.

 It got her thinking, the lives she could have lived, as Arian’s wife, it would have been a beautiful wedding, a sweet kiss, and first dance, but since they met, she discovered a different part of herself, being his for the rest of their lives would be a denial of that. There could have been playing the family role with Laura and the children she spoiled, except Ziva consider Laura a friend, that’s all. Both homes were overflowing with love and happiness, looking at her own, the feeling here was strong. Ziva settled, kicking shoes off, Patches took her usual place on her lap, Fiona stretched on the other side and Asher pounced on the bird toy. Whatever choices had brought friends and her to this place, they would fill it with happiness and in Ziva’s case fur babies.

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