Eliza and Patrick: Food

Getting toddlers to savour new foods could be a challenge, Eliza was adamant regarding what textures passed her lips, Patrick wanted everything. Rylan surrendered to Eliza, she knew her mind, chocolate made its way to her plate to keep her quiet. It was his fault, describing spaghetti as worms, the olives that topped the taco casserole were animal droppings. Patrick reached for food, whatever Emilie ate he wanted to taste it, unfazed by Rylan’s attempts to tease and deter him. Emilie tempted Eliza, tiny portions of colour, she loved a vegetable rainbow plate, they intrigued her eldest, except when it came to meat, she folded her arms unimpressed. Her father made it clear meat came from animals, taking her stuff toy and putting it on a plate next to her dinner, emphasising where it came from. The real cuteness, Patrick, to show he understood he tried the ham slice pointing at Lawrence the pig, a big grin on his face.


It came a no surprised Patrick would be keen to taste the world, he needed watching as grass, leaves and dirt were quick to pass his lips. Eliza had enjoyed many of her meals outside, comfortable on the grass and happy to eat the plated food. Patrick fussed in his high chair, homemade spaghetti, he wanted to get his hands in, the idea they were worms slipping through his fingers made dinner entertaining.

The differences were evident, Patrick needed constant stimulation, boring of simple tasks, he wanted constant fun and attention. Playtime filled the time when waiting for meals, Emilie set him up with blocks, toys, or she would wrestle the tablet from Eliza, nothing worked. His attention span was goldfish level, Emilie stared at the mounting dishes, succumbing to her needy son. Collapsing on the sofa would be the perfect way to relax when he took his afternoon nap, however, Rylan’s complaints, the state of the house she missed the time alone.


Eliza was the saving grace, she excelled in keeping herself entertained, she loved watching videos on the tablet, picking up the nursery rhymes and talking adventure with the play area Unicorn, the oversized plushy. The difference came from her enjoyment of stories, her grandfather Jose’s children’s books were fascinating, despite Rylan’s possessive nature for his father’s work, Eliza respected the books. Patrick preferred to suck them, inspecting everything with his mouth, the majority gnawed. Despite their relocation to the top shelf, Rylan hid one book in his study, Eliza enjoyed the hunt, knowing the reward was a voyage of imagination. Her independence asserted itself at playgroup, her skills exceeded those of the other toddlers, the nursery teachers were recommending entranced to Buckingham High, a specialist school, they took children as young as five, honing their skills and challenging the minds of these budding geniuses. Emilie believed this was the place, the cost was a none issue, she could imagine her daughter as a doctor or delivering scientific breakthroughs, it was unfortunate Rylan believed that Newcrest High was decent, after all, it was good enough for him.

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