Ziva: A Celebration of a Single Woman

Listening to Emilie, she realised how relationships tested emotions, at least that with her brother. Emilie thought through every detail of what she and Rylan said during quarrels. Ziva braced herself against the sea breeze, wrapping her coat tight, these walks helped to unwind, the ocean reminding her she was a duck at the edge of a large pond. She kicked off her shoes, squeezed the sand and into the icy waters, whatever her troubles, this was her moment to breathe and release them. Arriving home she had unpacked the issues and tidied them neatly, Emilie seemed as though the boxes stacked, overflowing, leaving her overwhelmed.

Ziva had the idea she would meet that special person to spend the rest of her days with, it had been a difficult period, watching her friends couple and her sidelined. She considered the future as her, twenty cats, fur-covered clothes, shooing telemarketers, the spinster who wondered “what if?”. Lucky she chose to embraced life, her friends changed, as she learnt to say yes to every invitation, and assisted the animal rescuers, single may have an abundance of alone time but opened her to possibilities.

Other times, Ziva sort the opportunities herself, a black summer dress, hair scooped back, she stepped from the train. San Myshuno held promise, she loved the simplicity of the Spice District, the large concrete space, surrounded on three sides by apartments, hosted both the flea market and the Spice Festival, and on occasion saw many a protest. The Karaoke bar sat on the water’s edge, she could hear the off-key singing, her mother, Aria had a beautiful voice, something Ziva wished she had inherited. The bar seats were empty, Ziva ordered a Dim and Gusty, watching the TV on the bar, the cool evening breeze drifted in through the open doors. Maria, thick black hair, cropped short, skinny jeans and red converse sneakers, an outfit she was uncomfortable. Taking her seat next to Ziva, she ordered her white wine, amongst a nervous exchange of greeting.

Supriya suggested the idea, online dating, if Ziva made new friends rather than meeting the love of her life, Supriya believed it would get her noticed, boost her confidence. There would be no protesting, Emilie thought it was a great plan, suggesting future double dates, anything to seperate Rylan and his first love, the computer. Maria shifted uneasy, like Ziva she had dated men, but somehow the relationships failed, her divorce finalised a week ago, Ziva was the start of her female dating pool. Both were career-driven, Maria worked as a hedge fund manager, meaning her usual style was corporate, buttoned-up blouses, knee-length skirt and heels. She could talk shoes, she lost Ziva, discussing the differences, kitten, stiletto, slingback, the shoe to Ziva was either high, low or flat. Their date was short, Ziva liked Maria, she seemed nice, however, another date would increase the awkwardness, as Maria struggled to relax, uncertain of herself and what she wanted. Ziva knew who she was, want she wanted from life, it meant being open to love in all its forms. Life for her was a cake, chocolate, layers of sweet butter icing, and every day she took a big bite.

The transformation, in her attitude to life, independence, success reside in the place she wanted to feel was her home. Ziva focused on herself, friendships, experiences, her career, everything took place outside the building she slept. Ziva’s promotion earned her the title of “Start-up Genius”, the final career step, Rylan grumbled, jealousy due to success had brought a rift in their bond from the beginning. Small windows made it dark, incorrect placement meant the view over the ocean obscured by solid walls. Larger windows flooded the dank corners, bringing light, energy, the home felt spacious and, Ziva saw the potential. Paint tests on the walls, samples of colourful sofa fabrics, she wanted perfection, this space last piece of the puzzle that was her and her amazing life.

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