Rylan: Find a Girl to Love

Rylan was checking locations for his next commissioned book, a historical novel to be set in the beautiful surroundings of Windenburg. The Von Haunts estate still retained many original features, and the floral gardens, bushes and fountains led to a romantic arch situated by the waterfall. At the side of the house, a maze, perfect for his heroine to have a private rendezvous. His thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice, Emilie approached him, her blonde hair fell perfectly past her shoulders, her eyes, deep pools of blue. Rylan ran his hand through his overgrown black hair, trying to smooth it. Seizing the opportunity, he invited her for a walk through the maze, politely but a little too quickly, she declined. Dropping his head, taking a small step back, Rylan’s bubble of excitement deflated. Emilie had panicked she was hungry and was hoping they could get something to eat.

On the ride over to Newcrest sparks flew, he brushed a stray hair from her face, complimenting her soft skin and sweet smile. Both had admired each other at the Bowling matches, disappointed they had parted ways without exchanging numbers. Stepping from the taxi, as Rylan took Emilie’s hand a shock jolted through him, she giggled, revealing the buzz, melting his heart. Biting her lip, deceptive and innocent eyes had Rylan believing he had found someone amazing, that he could love. As they walked hands held, to the restaurant, he imagined their life together full of fun and mischief.

Seated on the terrace, the sun starting to set casting deeper shadows across their view, Rylan, however, kept his eyes focused on Emilie. Laughter followed anecdotes of pranks played and mischievous endeavours, the waitress having to wait patiently as they composed themselves, when turned to leave, they erupted again. Emilie, like Rylan, was unsure what to do with her future, her days were spent volunteering at the Von Haunts estate as a tour guide or trolling the forums. Rylan talked himself up, embellishing his freelance career and his desire to own a big house in Newcrest. She smiled, wondering if perhaps he would be lonely, all those empty rooms. The waitress interrupted his answer, placing steak and salad down, Rylan’s darker complexion hid the blush, embarrassed and flattered by Emilie’s approach.

Rylan felt relaxed, with Emilie he could listen to her talk all day, at times with animated expressions. Over dinner, he wanted to reach across, hold her hand, run his thumb over hers, but he worried she might feel he was rushing things or being too serious. Emilie lived on the opposite side of Newcrest, Rylan insisted on seeing her home and taking care of the taxi. Walking to her door, Rylan leaned in, kissing her cheek, stepping back awkwardly, remembering he should ask both for her number and a second date.

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