Rylan: Life out of Balance

Working as a freelance writer meant dropping whatever you are doing and hanging around with friends whenever they called. They entered bowling matches, movies and new DJs livened up the dancefloor, anything to stop Rylan pining over Emilie. Acting as wingman, Sai led the way, he loved the club scene, dragging Rylan to the dance floor to lay down some moves. Surrounded by so many beautiful women to admire, Rylan tried imagining dates with all, except none were his blonde beautiful Emilie. Sai pushed Rylan towards Erika, she had been casting glances at them all night. Rylan stood awkwardly near the DJ booth chatting with her. Her melodic voice discussed a career in medicine, the rocking tunes this DJ played and how she would love to go to the movies with him. His minded blanked, he had nothing to say, searching the crowds of people, he hoped Sai needed him or at least came to rescue him, but this looking unlikely Rylan made his excuses, pushing his way to the bar.

All the late nights were taking its toll, Rylan slept half the day, crawling hungover from bed at noon, stuffing in leftovers of food from the night before, showering, hoping that sitting at the computer would spark his inspiration. Rylan’s work was average enabling him to pick up work most established writers refused. His latest work gave him trouble, ghostwriting memoirs, a business executive, sharing the story of how he succeeded, much of the material had been sparse and the client had clear guidelines on steering clear of unfavourable news stories. Embellishing the story with anecdotes he found in interviews with the client should have pulled the book together. The effects of partying, his alcohol-infused mission resulted in rejection by his client, Rylan’s agent bent his ear over grammatically errors, false claims and making it look as though the client had it easy. An honest depiction of the client’s life required adverse content, but with them withholding it, a frustrated Rylan edited his book using the forbidden media. Careful consideration of sensitive stories took concentration, a difficult task when his phone vibrated every half hour. A determined Sai wanting to get his friend on the dating scene with a blind date, while skeptical he succumbed to pressure.

Ditching the novel, Rylan took the train to meet Bailey, her shoulder-length brown hair, curvy figure and bubbly personality a welcome surprise. She was older than Rylan, but shared similar interests in bowling and gaming, their walk to the bar, filled with conversation. As a babysitter, Bailey was keen to have lots of children of her own, something Rylan had yet to consider in his future. Approaching the bar Bailey’s excitement for the evening grew, “Bear” night was in full swing, Rylan thought it was a joke until a person in full bear outfit came towards them. Glancing at the furry costumes, he managed one quick drink, while Bailey enjoyed the humour and grizzly innuendoes, he found it annoying, this was a night to forget.

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