Patrick: Leticia London

Patrick was the luckiest man alive; how could he not be? Every weekend he awoke by two excitable girls eager to get pancakes for breakfast. There were few foods Daciana would tolerate stomach pains. He never doubted the power of maple syrup and bacon. His job progressed at a gentle pace. It allowed him time to research the plants which populated Sims nation. The last part was his relationship with the beautiful Leticia. Patrick hoped the girls would love her, as he was ready to commit. Leticia needed to meet their approval, so he could be the perfect family man.

Luliana, Daciana Patrick and Leticia

Breakfast would be at the new restaurant in Willow Creek with Leticia. The girls giggled through the whole journey. A degree of excitement that they could be on their way to meet their new mummy. Patrick knew Daciana would be the one they had to convince. He had been honest with the girls up to a point. They knew he was their uncle, but his dedication to them earned him the title of ‘Daddy’. As for their mother, Charlotte left when they were a few months old. Their father, Caleb, had been absent through everything. Patrick wished he had the answers to why she abandoned them. Luliana clung to the idea of Charlotte, a fairy tale princess, lost and imprisoned by an evil witch. Caleb was searching, battling monsters, and would one day rescue her. When that day came, they would live happily ever after as a family.

The girls stared at the menu. Despite their pleasant introduction to Leticia, they were starving. Patrick joked about how his daughters were monsters until they had food inside them. Daciana lowered her menu to stick her tongue out at him. Leticia laughed as it confirmed Patrick’s comment. She watched as they drowned the fluffy pancakes in maple syrup. Daciana paused, panic in her eyes. At home, she could eat and curl up on the sofa to watch cartoons. The pretty pictures helped to take her mind off the pain. Leticia smiled; Patrick explained Daciana had been unwell. She pushed her pancakes toward Daciana, asking if she could apply the perfect amount of syrup. Luliana helps, adding butter, laughing as Leticia patted her stomach. She wondered how with this decadence, she would keep up with them.

Daciana and Patrick

Patrick settled opposite Daciana, resetting the chess pieces. It had been a few days since they met Leticia, and Luliana voiced her opinion. She had him married and wondered if Leticia would be alright if she called her ‘mummy’. He pondered the board, knowing Daciana had calculated three moves ahead. As Patrick placed his hand on the pawn, Daciana giggled, making him doubt the move. She wanted to know; if he loved Leticia and if she could love them as he did. Patrick did not have a quick answer, nor could he promise Daciana anything. He worried this was a deal breaker, and she would decide they were better off as they were. Doing anything for these girls had come at a cost. Patrick gave up on his solo adventures. Choosing his old life came in moments of stress, which he never vocalised, but it weighed him down with guilt.

Daciana pressed her lips together, patting them with her index finger. Her eyes scanned the room, considering his question. Patrick squirmed under her silence. She pushed her king into position, ‘checkmate’. Daciana continued to manoeuvre the board. He watched as Daciana cleared all the pieces except her king, his queen and two pawns. If Patrick was in love with Leticia, then she was the missing piece in their family. Daciana and Luliana agreed when Patrick was ready, Leticia should live with them.

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