Charlotte: The Talk

Part Two

Caleb believed they should wait; take their time; someone so young should treasure their virtue; ensure the person they surrendered it to was worth every moment. Everything she desired was sitting on her bed, a soul that believed in remaining chaste and chivalrous, encouraging her to hold on for someone or something better. Except, Charlotte knew her mind, and times had changed, women embraced independence, made decisions and needed no man to protect her; they had the choices women he knew as a human were unable to possess. She pushed him back, taking control; Charlotte wanted to give him everything; since the rules kept him from siring as a teen, she would embrace the pleasures of humanity, refusing to let him deny her.


Emilie appeared to have been naive to her children’s behaviour in their separate abode, she respected their need for independance, but Charlotte was her baby. A discussion avoided with the older two children, she hope Charlotte would humour her mothering tendencies. She practised, describing the intimate connection Charlotte would discover as she and Caleb became close. Caleb was another story, Emilie puzzled why a man in his twenties would dress in victorian style, with a gentleman’s manner. Charlotte appeared, a thin black dressing gown covering her slender gown, Caleb gave a polite nod to Emilie, and after respectfully kissing Charlotte’s cheek, he disappeared into the night. Her mother got the feeling her advice was coming late; her eyes glistened as Charlotte dismissed the talk of how men and women connect, the physicality of love and the need for precautions. Things for Charlotte were changing fast; Emilie wanted to hold her child, protect the sweetness, an eternity of a mother and daughter bond. The lost innocence glowed in Charlotte, altering her subconscious and filling her desire to experience Caleb and the world he was opening to her.

Caleb paced, anxious, pre-dawn would leave him a short window to retreat into the shadows should Charlotte reject his proposal. He weighed the decisions, his love for her as a human, and the passion they could experience as companions. Life had felt fleeting; his previous lovers were human, men and women indulged in the fantasy; his previous partner gave him two children, but the difficulties in raising humans as an immortal divided them. If Charlotte was his next, she had to understand; he would love her, cherish their lives together, give her everything, except what she was asking, eternal life. History told how the creation of a vampire mate broke Caleb’s sire; Vlad thought everything would remain perfect, the two leaving a bloody trail and a brood of immortals born. The humans uprising; her life ended upon her rebirth with the rising sun; it threw weight into Vlad’s decision to maintain hostile relations with the casters and their decision to create the Ministry a body that ruled the occults. Lilith, Caleb’s sister, supported Vlad; it created a bitterness that has since waned as they, along with other vampires, maintain the decision to keep a human.

Caleb and Charlotte

Charlotte laughed, questioning the perception of humans as pets; she imagined them locked in cages, fed scraps, or taken for moonlit walks, denied the sun and rewarded with the lustful nature of their master. Caleb had awoken aspects of her mind; his dismissal of her affections as a childish crush was hurtful. She wanted to explore her body, mind and the world; teenage boys held nothing for her; why would she want the boring life they offered; when Charlotte’s destiny, was extraordinary. This argument held Caleb, captivated by her beauty and purity, his eyes gazed at her exposed neck, heart beating, warm breath smoked the air, and he succumbed to the hungry, a swift reaction.

Charlotte pressed her body to his; teeth grazed her shoulder, sinking as blood pooled. She gasped as he drank deeper; tears trickled down her cheeks, Charlotte held the pain, her grasp grew weak, and her body slumped. Lifting her into the hot tub, Caleb ran his fingers across the puncture wounds; with her breath shallow, Charlotte denied her suffering. Grabbing him, her intentions unhonourable; her mother implied the warm waters were for relaxation, Caleb used them to help heal her, but Charlotte proved her worth to Caleb, creating a place of passion.

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