Up and Atom!

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Generation Ten:

Up and Atom!

Work is great, and this sim commits, why wouldn’t they with such a good role model. This sim feels their life was lacking. The family drifted away as they disapproved of their parent’s choices. Having a relationship with the family they do have is vital. This sim feels their mission is to focus on what is important in life – friends and family, a club for each.

Relationship: Left-Hand marriage – married to someone of different status. A servant (maid, butler or Gardener), or someone whose financial status is different.

Life Fulfilment: Family and Friends: Choose good friends. Find a life partner. Treat a partner as a VIP, and date once a week. Be there for children. Have family meetings – even an event on the calendar. Create family traditions.

Lot: Eco Lot
Challenge: Spooky
Sim: Jealous, Bro
Character Values: 2 negative, 1 positive

Home: Queen Anne
Colour: Yellow and Turquoise
Sim: Vintage/Retro

Education: Degree
Career: Scientist
Aspiration: Soulmate

Children: 2

Skills: Photography, Medium

Collection (optional): Gardening

Extra Challenge (optional): A bird home and birds (cottage living) living on the lot

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