The Stealth Life

Emily Chisolm

Generation One:

The Stealth Life

Did you grow up watching Bond movies, I did? Bond was an orphan, with no ties to the world except a love of country and a lover for every mission.

Mission: Reach the top of the Secret Agent branch. Are you Bond or Blofeld? This sim can “retire” living off the money and finally settling down, a new career is optional.

Relationship: Divorced

Life Fulfilment: Travel – every world, camping, holiday in the sun.

Lot: Island Spirits, Gnomes
Sim: Romantic, Non-Committal

Home: Suburban Contemporary
Colour: Blue and Brown
Sim: Military

Career: Secret Agent
Aspiration: Super Parent

Children: 5

Skills: Programming, Singing

Collection (optional): Message in a Bottle

Occult Challenge (optional): Marry an Alien


Still on Call

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