The Life Fulfilment Legacy

Let’s see, you’ve heard this one before. There are so many challenges, so what’s one more right. It’s important to let your sims live their best life. With so much to consider where do you begin. A good idea is the rules, the best ideas negate them… I digress, having parameters in this case is part of the fun.

  1. Obvious… Do Not Let The Heir Die!
  2. No Money Cheats, unless you want to start at zero, generally the less you cheat the better!
  3. Career – try 2-3 jobs before the main career (only one job as teen counts), and must play at least 1 day or to level 3 in that job. Max main career
  4. Som gens are required to attend University (if you have it)
    • Choose University flipping a coin, Heads for Britechester/Tales for Foxbury.
    • Choose the degree at random as not all students work in their chosen field.
  5. Relationships – try a few relationships before settling
  6. Leave something behind: Into each generation a homemade gift.
  7. Children can be a blend.
    • Design a family that suits the story. Natural, adopted, stepchildren
  8. Traits – There are 2 set traits.
    • For the 3rd you can roll 3 times, but you CAN NOT change backwards so veto with care, the 3rd roll is final!
  9. Likes and Dislikes: The answer is always yes, even if you need it for the challenge.
    • Style and Colour choices can be set in CAS for all gens.
  10. Ready for the next heir?
    • Split the money equally between the household members.
  11. Could you tag me? I would love to follow your wonderful stories. I am on Twitter and Facebook @Loukia13D or the legacy tag #Sims4fill

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