Still On Call

Cameron Chislom

Generation Two:

Still On Call

This sim knows money makes the world go round. This influenced their career decision. After all, they did not become a doctor with only the desire to help people, but for a fat paycheck at the end of the day.

Don’t get them wrong, whatever they set their mind to, they were always going to be the best at it.

Love, they crave it but no sooner do they have it than they destroy it. The relationships around them are also affected. They may even have contributed to why their parents divorced.

Relationship: Zombie Marriage – in public this couple looks very much the part. In private they don’t have any sort of relationship. Separate rooms. Never do things together (unless it’s with the children). No woohoo after the children are born. Argumentative at the beginning becoming indifferent to each other. When the romance bar reaches 0, decide if they repair the relationship or separate.

Life Fulfilment: Financial – everything should be on a budget. If you want to decorate the house, do so by room. Money minus bill amount plus a 1,000 for food and luxuries) in google’s random number generator to see your budget. You will retire as soon as you’re an elder so ensure you have some money to enjoy your final days. Bear in mind the sharing of funds with household members.

Lot: Training Ground
Challenge: Filthy
Sim: Genius, Perfectionist
Character Values: 3 Positive

Home: Mid Century
Colour: Marigold and Cream
Sim: Sporty

Career: Doctor
Aspiration: Villainous Valentine and Fabulously Wealthy (long life extra: Lord/Lady of the Knits)

Children: 2-3

Skills: Piano, DJ Mixing

Collection (optional): Omiscan Treasures

Occult Challenge (optional):
If born an alien – exercise powers regularly and marry a mermaid

· If not, become a mermaid and exercise powers whenever in an ocean swimming world.


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