Pawsitive Vibes

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Generation Six:

Pawsitive Vibes

Rebel! Your parents were all about personal development. This sim hated the emphasis on “personal development”, life should be for parties.

Nothing is permanent. Why tie into marriage for life when there is so much more. Besides, there is only so long you can tolerate someone else’s bad habits and excessive clutter. This sim has plenty of their own.

Relationship: Time-Bound Marriage – an agreed amount of time this couple will remain married. Around 12-24 days.

Life Fulfilment: Lifestyle: Eat at restaurants. Clubbing. Bowling. Movie nights. Host Parties. Have an uncluttered home. Getaway at the weekends.

Lot: Study Spot
Challenge: Simple Living
Sim: Cheerful, Paranoid
Character Values: 2 negative, 1 positive

Home: Modern
Colour: Turquoise, White and Warm Wood
Sim: Boho

Education: Degree
Career: Vet (own clinic – 4/5stars)
Aspiration: Self-Care Specialist and Master Actor

Children: 5

Skills: Handiness, Fabrication

Collection (optional): Snow Globes

Extra Challenge (optional):
Rodents, always have one rodent in the household and do look after them!


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