Geek Speak

Grace Chisolm

Generation Three:

Geek Speak

This sim is the pleasure principle. To settle the frayed nerves, they focus on relaxation. Is it the stress of the job, or the marriage? Discover inner peace to realise their true calling. Then it is the time to pursue their musical genius goal and a new romance?

Relationship: Marries twice. 2nd marriage, the partner should have children.

Life Fulfilment: Hobbies and Passions: This is all about the pleasure incentive. What does this sim love to do?

Lot: Sunny Aspect, Convivial
Sim: Slob, Dog Lover
Character Values: 2 Positive, 2 Negative

Home: Garden
Colour: Lime Green and Dark Blue
Sim: Vibrant/Colourful

Career: Tech Guru
Aspiration: Inner Peace and Musical Genius

Children: 5 – 6

Skills: Writing, Snowboarding

Collection (optional): Village Fair Ribbons

Occult Challenge (optional):
Become a plant sim

Generation Four

Finance Wolf

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