Finance Wolf

Hamish Chisolm

Generation Four:

Finance Wolf

When life is fun, that’s when you know it’s great. With two negative character values, this gen had it good and little discipline.

They are not all bad, to balance their guilt is a desire to help and give back to the community and the world at large.

Relationship: Parenting Marriage – Stay together for the children (can divorce once youngest is a teen).

Life Fulfilment: Giving back/Legacy: Make a difference (eco-living, protesting, NAP). Donate to charity and Volunteer.

Lot: Dog Hangout
Challenge: Reduce and Recycle
Sim: Geek, Loves the outdoors
Character Values: 2 Negative

Home: Patio
Colour: Peach, Cream and Chrome
Sim: Anime/comic book-inspired

Career: CEO
Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Children: 6 – 7

Skills: Cooking, Veterinarian

Collection (optional): My Sims Trophies

Extra Challenge (optional):
Must have at least one cat in the house at all times.


De Facto Force

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