De Facto Force

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Generation Five:

De Facto Force

Your parents were good at being that, and as a lawyer, this sim hopes their life will be better. As with all good intentions, they get it in the wrong order.

Relationship: Shotgun marriage – Accidentally pregnant. They must get married before the baby is born.

Life Fulfilment: Personal Development: Deal with emotions Attend skills classes. Mentor.

Lot: Science Liar, Chefs Kitchen
Sim: Maker, Evil
Character Values: 3 Positive

Home: Mission
Colour: Ruby and Ink
Sim: Kpop

Education: Degree
Career: Lawyer
Aspiration: Country Caretaker

Children: 2 – 3

Skills: Logic, Robotics

Collection (optional): Batuu Records

Extra Challenge (optional):
Marry or become a spellcaster


Pawsitive Vibes

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