Creative Accents

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Generation Eight:

Creative Accents

They have style and flair. They know how to create the perfect home and leave their customers begging for more.

Relationship: Secret Marriage – Friends and Family don’t approve of their choice. Everything is quiet. They can elope or have a private ceremony with an officiant. Can it last with interfering family?

Life Fulfilment: Health and Fitness: Eat Healthy (yes earn that lifestyle). Enjoy all exercise (swim, jog, machines). Meditation/yoga.

Lot: On a dark lay line
Challenge: Creepy Crawlies
Sim: Self-assured, Snob
Character Values: 2 negative, 1 positive

Home: French Country
Colour: Amethyst and Scarlett
Sim: Island/Vacation vibes

Career: Decorator (DHD)
Aspiration: Galactic Privateer OR The Curator

Children: 6 – 7

Skills: Charisma, Wellness

Collection (optional): Fossils

Extra Challenge (optional):
Marry or Become a vampire.


Coordinated Faux Pas

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