Coordinated Faux Pas

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Generation Nine:

Creative Accents

This sim is all about their career, being the best at it and whatever they like. Of course, everything is in balance. A nice beach life helps keep this sim completely chilled.

Relationship: Unmarried – Did they mean to, or are happy as they are? Sometimes marriage seems like a piece of paper, and well love is love. This couple doesn’t need the big declaration, they are committed to each other.

Life Fulfilment: Career: Go to university. Develop your passions. Be a good employee and aim to complete all tasks before the next shift. Go to work in a good mood. Create a second income source. Unlock the workaholic lifestyle

Lot: Great Soil, On a Lay Line
Sim: Foodie, Music Lover
Character Values: 2 positive

Home: Gothic Farmhouse
Colour: Bubblegum Pink and Greige
Sim: Punk

Education: Degree
Career: Stylist
Aspiration: Beach Life and Mt. Komorebi sightseer

Children: 6 – 7

Skills: Mixology, Baking

Collection (optional): Magical Artifacts

Extra Challenge (optional): Rabbit house with rabbits on the lot.


Up and Atom!

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