Charlotte: Spooky Day

Cornelius, A full-blooded baby with a taste for blood. He nipped Caleb’s fingers, growling like a puppy. He would giggle, refusing to let go as Caleb cringed, dreading the day his vampire’s teeth came through. Unlike his adult parents, Cornelius had a beating heart, common in born vampires. The natural blood flow helped them developContinue reading “Charlotte: Spooky Day”

Charlotte: Eloped

Caleb considered the future. If he were honest, Charlotte’s ability to control her power was scary. Charlotte used less energy when engaged in training. He would collapse exhausted, longing for a peaceful coffin. She would be bouncing with energy and enthusiasm. This mastery of her power was quick to realise. In mediation, Charlotte exceeded Caleb’sContinue reading “Charlotte: Eloped”

Ziva: Happy Ever… Napping

Rylan thrived on attention; regular ego massages came with the growing popularity of his books and the movies they spawned. Vicky and Ziva hoped an evening surrounded by family, drinking, maybe dancing, would be quiet, free from Rylan hogging the spotlight by announcing his attendance. Her brother forgot his fame for five minutes, pretending thatContinue reading “Ziva: Happy Ever… Napping”

Eliza: The Rodriguez Siblings

Patrick started his schooling pocketing supplies, Emilie hoped it was once, but calls from the principal accused him of being a kleptomaniac. Emilie frown disappointed, Patrick twists his foot into the rug, shrugging at what he had done without apology. His misbehaviour gained him a cool reputation amongst his classmates, meaning he was unlikely toContinue reading “Eliza: The Rodriguez Siblings”

Ziva: Asher

Benefits for her revised lifestyle, should have included a trimmer figure, improved moods, decreased stress, perhaps heart health, however, her regular jog got her some inquisitive attention from the small furry kind. A tortoiseshell cat followed her home and he seemed intent on staying. Ziva saw him as she jogged by a cold campfire, heContinue reading “Ziva: Asher”