All Law, No Order

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Generation Seven:

All Law, No Order

You are far from perfection, but isn’t that what makes you a good cop? Or do you play bad cop? Either way you know how to think like your criminal counterpart and know where to find them.

What good is a life well lived without someone to share it with. Sure there are ups and downs, sweaty socks on the table and wet towels on the bed. When life hands you the bad stuff it is worth having the one person who has always been there for you.

Relationship: Marries childhood sweetheart – meet as teens. It is love that lasts until death they do part.

Life Fulfilment: Adventure: Camping. Climb a mountain. Investigate the temples. Swim with dolphins, and sharks? Deep-sea diving. Skiing, Snowboarding. Eating pufferfish puts lives at risk.

Lot: Peace and Quiet, Natural light
Sim: Active, Gloomy
Character Values: 2 negative

Home: Basics
Colour: Green, Brass and Brown
Sim: Gothic

Career: Police
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Children: 4 – 5

Skills: Pipe Organ, Guitar

Collection (optional): Metals

Extra Challenge (optional):
Dogs, lots of them, at least one in the house at all times.


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